Client Area Home Page SSO

For faster access to web hosting and other services

In WHMCS 8.5, your customers can access their cPanel and Plesk web hosting services using single sign-on technology directly from the Client Area Home Page without having to re-authenticate.

Developers can also take advantage of this functionality to provide access to additional services via custom modules.

Sell 2 & 3 Year SSL Certificates from DigiCert

Provide peace of mind and term-based discounts

Offer two-year and three-year SSL certificates from RapidSSL, GeoTrust and DigiCert via MarketConnect, enabling customers to secure their website for longer and lock in pricing.

Since SSL Certificates have a maximum term as defined by the Certificate Authority Browser (CAB) Forum of less than 3 years, WHMCS will perform the automatic reissuance and reinstallation of 2 and 3 Year SSL Certificates throughout the order period.

Shopping Cart Cross-selling

Show recommended products and increase conversions

With WHMCS 8.5, you can configure recommended products to be displayed whenever a customer adds a product to the shopping cart.

New product configuration fields including tagline, short description and color allow you to customise the recommendations experience for users.

Metric Billing for Plesk

Bill your customers based on what they use

Usage Billing has been extended to support Snapshot and Time Based usage for Plesk shared hosting and reseller accounts.

Bill for resource usage including measurements such as disk usage, bandwidth, email accounts, addon domains, parked domains, subdomains, databases and sub-accounts.

cPanel SEO via MarketConnect

Search Engine Optimisation from the makers of cPanel

cPanel SEO is a tool that helps your customers improve their website ranking in search engines. Higher rankings mean more successful websites, and happier customers, directly helping with customer retention.

cPanel SEO in WHMCS comes with a pre-made landing page making it easy to go-to-market, fully automated provisioning and direct single sign-on access from the WHMCS client area.

Improved System Settings

Now with categories, sorting preferences and improved responsive behaviour

Get to where you need to go more quickly and easily with category based browsing, sorting options and improved behaviour on mobile and tablet devices.

Category and sorting selections are stored locally on your device so that your preferences are remembered independently for every device you use.

Hook System Improvements

Easier exclusion of hook files from active inclusion

A new convenience function for developers means hook files can now be excluded from execution simply by prefixing their name with an underscore (_).