Improved Domain Namespinning

Faster & more relevant results to help drive domain registrations

Introducing the new and improved Domain Namespinning from WHMCS.

WHMCS Namespinning ranks and returns relevant domain name suggestions across a wide range of TLDs to help drive more domain registrations.

Utilising machine learning technology, WHMCS Namespinning delivers more relevant suggestions by working to understand the context of your customer's queries and delivers marketing leading speed and performance. Along with support for 10 languages delivering relevant suggestions for non-english speakers.

WHMCS Namespinning is being made available free of charge to all WHMCS users.

Domain Verification Support

Improvements to the New Domain and WHOIS Contact Verification UX

In WHMCS 7.6, we've implemented support for registrar integrations to provide greater context around domain statuses, and pending actions, including the Contact Verification for new domains as well as Contact Verification following WHOIS Registrant Changes.

Since the introduction of ICANN's New Domain Transfer Policy, any WHOIS contact changes to registrant ownership now trigger a sequence of verification emails. WHMCS will now display messaging to users about these emails, indicating actions they need to take and any deadlines for verification to complete the changes.

We've also added support for recognising and displaying IRTP Transfer Lock Status, as well as opt-out when making WHOIS Contact Changes.

Domain Transfer Confirmations

A new email template that is used when domain transfers complete

In WHMCS 7.6 we've added a new Domain Transfer Completed email template that will be sent automatically when transfers complete for supported registrars. It is also available to send manually as and when required.

2CheckOut Inline Checkout

Allow your customers to pay without leaving your site

Inline Checkout from 2Checkout provides a seamless checkout experience for customers enabling payment to be made by credit and debit cards without any PCI Compliance requirements and without the user ever leaving your site.

With Inline Checkout, payment is completed via a popup modal, with options to pay by card or PayPal.

New MaxMind Functionality

Get access to more data points and analytics

WHMCS 7.6 includes updates to the MaxMind module providing access to more analytics and data points that enable you to make better informed decisions before accepting orders. Now supporting minFraud Score, Insights and Factors checks.

Insights Checks

Insights provides a wide range of data points in addition to the riskScore and the IP Risk Score.

Factors Checks

Factors provides detail on the specific components used to determine a riskScore.

You can also take advantage of MaxMind's advanced rule creation to create automated triggers and restrictions for fraud checks.

New Weebly Plans

Introducing Weebly Lite and Performance

Weebly Lite is a new entry level offering that allows you to offer a site builder solution for a single page site from just $1.99/mo or $23.88/yr. It's a new cost effective way to on-board users to Weebly and let them see the benefits for themselves.

Weebly Performance is aimed at Power Sellers, offering advanced e-commerce features such as automated abandoned cart follow ups, email campaigns, gift cards and more.

Google reCAPTCHA

Invisible captcha protection for shopping cart

Invisible reCAPTCHA is designed to be transparent to most users while still protecting against bots and automated submissions. Only when Google detects suspicious behaviour or traffic will a captcha challenge be presented.

Being made available under a new security setting, you can protect your shopping cart from automated submissions and prevent order spam.

Completed Orders Insights

Get instant access to see your completed orders

The overview dashboard graph has been updated to display the number of completed orders vs total orders placed, allowing you to more accurately monitor your business performance.

MarketConnect Usability Improvements

Making MarketConnect more seamless

With a fresh new look, updated promotion content and messaging, new promotional options and built in translation support, MarketConnect is more usable than ever.

Compete with the larger companies out there by offering SSL, Site Builder, Email Security and more, all with our most advanced and automated integrations.

Font Awesome 5

The latest version of Font Awesome now available

We've always been huge fans of Font Awesome. So much so we backed the Kickstarter project for Font Awesome 5. That means you can now use fa-whmcs icon in your projects.

In WHMCS 7.6, we've implemented Font Awesome 5 throughout WHMCS which delivers new and improved icons, and a huge range of additional icons to choose from.

Usability Improvements

Helping you to be more efficient

WHMCS 7.6 includes a number of integration and usability improvements designed to save you and your customers time, from new check all options, to backend optimisations and improvements that speed up page load times.