New Admin Dashboard

Gain actionable insights, in seconds.

  • A new more informative admin dashboard gives you a more complete overview of daily operations and activity. Plus it comes with a significant performance boost, rendering up to 50% faster than the previous dashboard UI.
New Admin Dashboard

Key Domain Enhancements

Premium Domains

  • Premium Domains are short, common or desirable words, typically offering increased margins over regular domain names. WHMCS 7.1 allows you to sell premium domains and take advantage of the significant domain growth.
  • Premium Domains are supported for eNom and ResellerClub (plus all associated LogicBoxes modules), and API's are available for other domain registrars to implement.
Supported Registrars

Domain Suggestions

Now available for ResellerClub/LogicBoxes

  • Suggestions, also known as Domain Namespinning, work by providing your customers with intelligent domain name suggestions at the time they search for a domain to increase the chances of conversion.
  • Now users of ResellerClub can turn on Domain Namespinning with suggestions powered by the LogicBoxes API. Help capture those customers for whom their first domain choice is unavailable.

Performance Improvements

Less requests, faster load times

  • On average, WHMCS 7.1 performs 50% fewer requests and pages load up to 25% faster.
  • We've introduced compression of all asset files and reduced the number of external requests used to generate pages, giving improved performance throughout the product and delivering faster load times for you and your clients.

Other Enhancements

Introducing a Stripe Payment Module

Accept Credit Card payments through Stripe

  • You've asked and we've delivered. After receiving over 170 requests, we're pleased to announce the introduction of an Official Stripe payment gateway module that enables you to use Stripe for credit card processing with WHMCS.
  • You can be up in running in seconds, all you need is your Stripe API information and to fill out a few quick settings.
Stripe Module

Module Queue

The new easier way to track module API command failures and re-attempt/resolve them.

Automation Task Tracking

Monitor and get detailed insights into all the automation tasks performed by the WHMCS system.

Transferred Away Status for Domains

A new domain status allowing you to mark domain names as transferred away.

Completed Status for Products

A new status for products, allowing you to mark one-off products and services as complete.